Prayer Corner:


God of Mercy and Steadfast Love, 

Cover the viewer of this website and reveal your presence in their lives.  May they receive the affirmations they are seeking to make a decision; May they experience your miraculous touch amid a hopeless outlook and desperate measures; May they be released from every chain that has them bound; May they find comfort in the midnight hour and the blessed assurance that joy cometh in the morning; May they be encouraged amongst their wilderness because you are a present help in the time of trouble.  In a season of sowing may they find harvest because your presence provides the increase.

Cover the viewer of this website and reveal your protection. May no weapons formed against them prosper.  May you cover them with the full armor of God and protect their dreams and ambitions, their family and friends, their jobs and their finances.  Protect them from every hurt, harm and danger.  Shield them from the snares of the enemy and render them unconsumed.  Protect their happiness and health.  May they know you as a mighty fortress, a strong tower and a pavilion. 

Finally, cover the viewer of this website and reveal your peace.  May you provide them with power to speak peace to their storms.  Amid crises, may they experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.  May they find peace in their marriage, peace in their relationships, peace on their jobs, peace at school, peace in their purpose, and peace in the "No" and "Not Yet."  Shod peace all over this land - in the middle east, Africa, Palestine, Ferguson MO, Sanford Fl, New York City, California and every part of the world where there is injustice and unrest.  Provide peace to the vilified and victimized.  Provide peace to the poor and persecuted.  Provide peace to the bereaved and bewildered.  Provide peace to the hopeless and haunted.  Righteous God, cover every household, church, institution and system and provide perfect peace. 

In Jesus' name, may we receive God's presence, protection and peace this day and beyond as we work together to live a just faith while living faithfully committed to justice.  Amen.


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